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Welcome to Plan It With Sass, a 100% plant-based online meal planning course that teaches you exactly WHAT to eat every day to meet your basic nutritional needs — and WHY!


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Get Sauced with Sass! (Limited-Time Offer)

Would you like to add this fun eBook to your order? Get Sauced teaches you how to pull together whole-food plant-based recipe-free sauces. PLUS, this eBook is being made into a live course in our online classroom (and it will cost at least $97). But if you buy it today, you'll be grandfathered in and asked to join us for FREE when class begins. The regular price on my website for Get Sauced is currently $57, but you can buy it now for just $37. Click the button below to add it to your order. Thank you!

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Your happiness is our #1 priority! If you participate fully in the program but you haven’t achieved the progress you were hoping for, I will work with you personally to help you move forward with your menu planning goals.

What our students say...

"We truly think this is a life-changing course. When we first starting reading up on vegan issues we were overwhelmed by all the information - all the things we "needed to know" seemed so daunting. The info in course convinced us that it's not only possible but actually not so difficult at all to change our eating habits altogether."

"Sassy does not just assume that the student already knows all the basics; she explains everything from the ground up, which is essential for newbies, and a great refresher for long-time vegans."

"Even though I have been Vegan for a while now, I've found that the information that Sass has presented in this course has opened my eyes to some things I wasn't aware of. I read every book and magazine out there for Vegetarians & Vegans, but this comprehensive course has really shown me that even as a "veteran" Vegan, there is so much out there to still learn and absorb about my diet to keep me healthy and active for years to come."