Loafing Around With Jeff

Use what you have on hand to make whole food plant-based meatless Veggie Loaves that will transform your meals from boring to fun. Makes the perfect central focus on your plate! :)


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Money-Back Guarantee

Your happiness is our #1 priority! With your purchase of Loafing Around With Jeff  you receive our personal money-back guarantee so you can feel as confident as we are that you'll love this online class.

What our students say...

"Finally, a main course that says 'Dinner!' and doesn't just look like a salad or a bunch of side dishes! I'm looking forward to having frozen slices ready for lunch at work, or dinner after a long workday. So grateful!"

"I slowly walked out of work after a long week and trying day. I pulled out a slice of the loaf from the freezer and put it into the oven. Next, I successfully made Sassy's brown gravy — I have never made a good gravy until today. It was good! I felt satisfied and not overly full."

"Loafing Around really got me to step up and embrace 'cooking on the fly'. Somehow this course made me realize that you really can use vastly different spices together and come up with something from 'not bad' to OMG!"