Get Down with Sass!

You don't need another diet. You need a lifestyle change! It's time to learn simple changes to your everyday routine that will help you lose weight -- and keep it off for good.


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$297 (One-time payment)
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Money-Back Guarantee

Your happiness is our #1 priority! With your purchase of Get Down With Sass!  you receive my personal money-back guarantee so you can feel as confident as I am that you'll love this online class.

What our students say...

"I've told you before, but Sassy, you CHANGED MY LIFE. You saved my life girl, no lie. I had to step on the scale, just to see. Since starting this course, I'm down 55 lbs. I'm so happy, but as cool as that is, I am more happy that I feel so GOOD! Energy, treating my body right, feeling more vibrant...I just can't believe it. I know now that I am NEVER going back to where I was. Not ever."

"I have to say thank you. I have stayed the course of a vegan lifestyle. My health is excellent, my clothing size has stayed at a steady size 6 and my energy level is wonderful. Because of what you do my life changed and because my life changed there has been a ripple effect and other lives are being changed!"

"I began your program just over a year ago. Since then I have lost 40 pounds! I learned so much that I am still living it every day."